Recently Finished - Colonial Revival

1 This is a recently finished project. It is a colonial revival house dating from the early 1940’s. A fun project with a great client. We didn’t do too much in the front except paint. I love the blue shutters and think it gives the house a playful and patriotic presence. The majority of the work was on the back of the house. The first 2 pictures how the original house from the back and then looking out of the master bedroom into the backyard. 2a  2   These next pictures show the addition from the back as well as the new master sitting porch. 2c 2b   This picture shows the connection of the main house to the rear garage. The rear garage had a great living space on top, so the challenge was tying the two living areas together, in a clever and appropriate way. 3   This is the interior of that connecting hallway. 3b   This space (pic below) was created to look like an old screen porch that was closed in later. These old porches typically had painted pine floors, so that is what we installed and then painted them gray. The plank wood ceiling and panels under the window were meant to age the porch imply multiple layers of time. I find it is a nice way to give the house a more interesting story. 4   Downstairs we worked on molding design as well as a new kitchen. The before picture shows the narrow access from the breakfast/eating area to the kitchen. 5   After we opened up this wall, we rebuilt the new kitchen with marble floors, counters and backsplash. 5a   Finally, we tweaked the moldings to elevate the entry hall and other key rooms of the house. 6a 6   If you would like to see more pictures, I have them on our Houzz page. Enjoy, and thanks for reading. -B