Hull Historical makes new windows which replicate the old with modern upgraded energy efficiency and operability. Hull specializes in historic wood windows that match historic profiles and building traditions. Hull’s windows are built to last 100 years, as they copy historic standards passed down from previous generations. We use only long-lasting woods and still putty glaze our windows. Our double hung windows are built with historic pulleys and sash weights. We have worked on 100’s of historic buildings around the country. Casement windows include historic inswing casement windows based on either French, English or American designs. We use historic glass, either salvaged or restoration glass chosen to match historic periods. Hull also restores existing historic windows both wood and steel. Hull can rebuild parts, restore existing true-divided light windows with historic glass and historic glazing. Steel windows can be stripped, cleaned and new parts fabricated to match any design. Wood windows can be any design both casement and double hung. We have restored 1000’s of windows around the country from small homes to schools with over 1000 windows.