In many of the talks I have given over the past few months, the most common question from the audience is: “How do we fix the mess we are in”? “How do we fix architecture and start building beautiful homes again?” and “WHEN WILL THIS HAPPEN!?!” I’m quick to point out that things are improving. The low point, in my opinion, was 1970 and since then there are many positive signs of change. It starts with the building of Seaside and the rise of New Urbanism starting in 1980’s. Next is the rise of Classical architecture through groups like the ICAA in the 1990’s. These two things alone have led to renewed interest in traditional building methods. My book, The Timeless House, would have never been written if not for these changes in taste and design. For more proof of this groundswell-of-change please read these two articles.
  • The first was on OP-ED piece in the New York Times that spoke about how the architecture profession needs to change.
  • The second is a Forbes piece that highlights the same concerns, showing some fine examples of the failure and how things need to improve.
The ideas of the Timeless House are relevant, not antiquated. The Lost Art of Building is worth recapturing. Please be encouraged that change is taking place, it just takes longer than we would like. Remember, it took over 30 years for modernism to take over the architecture profession, it may take at least that amount of time to win it back. Patience, the tide is turning.