Enjoy These Resource Guides

To help guide you and explore the many components of classical architectural design, you may wish to order Hull Historical’s resource guides. Both guides have been carefully researched and are historically accurate, and are useful to designers, architects and homeowners wishing to add authenticity to any home or project. Visit our shop to purchase a printed guide or an easy to download PDF version.

Authentic Historic Doors

Inside you will find a collection of some of our finest doors, built over the past twenty years for our best clients. This guide gives you access to well-designed, beautiful doors for your project whether in French, English or American traditions.

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Classical American Moldings

The moldings laid out in this guide have been carefully researched and are historically accurate. The Georgian and Federal moldings, for the most part, hail from the Winterthur Museum, while the Greek Revival moldings are based on careful research from period pattern books and trade catalogs.

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