Historic Millwork: A Guide

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The era spanning 1870 to 1940 is one of the most architecturally significant in the United States, encompassing three identifiable periods of millwork distinguished by astoundingly beautiful and elaborate industrial wood craftsmanship. In a highly practical,categorical format, Historic Millwork compiles and interprets designs from historic trade catalogs and period trade journals to produce an accurate, indispensable guide to millwork from this era.

Exquisitely visual, comprehensive material is organized first bythe type of millwork–doors, windows, mantels, moldings,storefronts, colonnades, stairs, and cabinetry–and then arranged by periods: Late Victorian (1870—1890), Transitional(1890—1920), and Early Modern (1920—1940). Vintage illustrations and contemporary annotations bring to life the ornate details and fine woods used by the artisanal industrialists of the day, providing explicit models for design, construction, and adaptation. A complete glossary defines key terms, and the author supplements each topic with enlightening tips, anecdotes, and specifications for architects and builders that illuminate how different types of millwork can be incorporated into a variety of projects. In this burgeoning field where authenticity dictates, Historic Millwork is an essential resource for anyone interested in restoring, re-creating, or preserving historic millwork from this expressive era.