American Builder Magazines from the Hull Historical Library

Here are a number of covers from American Builder Magazine from the 1920’s. American Builder was a Radford publication. I have mentioned Radford in earlier posts because he was a prolific publisher in the 1920’s focused primarily on the building trade. He had building magazines, plan books, he even published a 12 volume “Cyclopedia of Building Construction” (see the 1923 cover). I own a set and you can find them occasionally on eBay. They are interesting and packed with information. I have presented these chronologically, not that there is any great change, but I think it is interesting. Enjoy. A few things to note. The price never changes, at .35 cents. The 1923 issue notes that the circulation is 55,000. Which is quite good, even by today’s standards. It is apparently “The World’s Greatest Building Paper”… I hope you enjoy these as much as I do. I find it interesting to see the house styles as well as the color renderings. Scan00011 Scan00012 Scan00013 Scan00010 Scan00009 Scan00008   Here is bonus Radford publication. Building Developer for the late 1920’s…eerily months before the crash of 1929. BD-July-29