6 Rules for Using Moldings in Your Home

Although nearly all homes today have moldings, they are often not used correctly. Moldings are meant to define key architectural elements in a room such as windows and doors, as well as introduce proper scale and proportion to make the room feel just right. So how is that done? In the video we’ll cover some general rules for using moldings and explain why they are important to the overall look and feel of our homes. GENERAL RULES FOR USING MOLDINGS:
  1. Less is more. More moldings do not equal better design, and having too many moldings can make defining a room difficult.
  2. Simplify for better results.
  3. Generally go with larger moldings.
  4. Bases should be 5-6″ tall.
  5. Casings should be at least 4″ wide.
  6. All moldings should be at least 3/4″ thick for deep shadow lines and clear details.
Remember that the size of the moldings will vary according to the design and style of the room, but these guidelines should be enough to get you started.